British Columbia: Spiderwort with purple flower stems

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    This is for appreciation. I was so taken with this group of spiderworts outside the Centennial Lodge at Queen's Park. They are particularly interesting because so often, spiderworts only have a few flowers at a time, but the plentiful purple flower stems on these are almost as colourful as the flowers. I think I have the ID: Tradescantia Andersoniana Group 'Zwanenburg Blue'. In some places, the sepals and leaves have a lot of hairs, and other places there seem to be no hairs at all. I tried to arrange them least hairy to most hairy. That last thumbnail looks fuzzy-out-of-focus but I think it's just fuzzy-hairy.
    TradescantiaAndersonianaGroupZwanenburgBlue_CentennialLodge-QueensPark_Cutler_20170712_152012.jpg TradescantiaAndersonianaGroupZwanenburgBlue_CentennialLodge-QueensPark_Cutler_20170712_151731.jpg TradescantiaAndersonianaGroupZwanenburgBlue_CentennialLodge-QueensPark_Cutler_20170712_151920.jpg TradescantiaAndersonianaGroupZwanenburgBlue_CentennialLodge-QueensPark_Cutler_20170712_151827.jpg TradescantiaAndersonianaGroupZwanenburgBlue_CentennialLodge-QueensPark_Cutler_20170712_151841.jpg
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