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Discussion in 'Fruit and Nut Trees' started by Daniel Mosquin, Aug 28, 2005.

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    The following was received via email:

    This is my question: what is a good pollinator for Santa Rosa plum. I have a Yakima Plum (Japanese Plum ) and another yellow Japanese Plum in the backyard, probably Shiro, but I am not sure. Are these two good plinator for Santa Rosa? I got one plum in the first season, but none this season. All fruits dropped after awhile. This season was quite cold and wet in Lower Mainland during flowering. I don't believe it was because of dryness. Maybe the Shiro and Yakima are good pollinators for the Santa Rosa.
    Question # 2. Alot of people told me that Lower mainland is not a good place to grow Cherry. Is it true. I would like to plant a combination cherry, because I have only one spot left. Is this ok in Surrey, B. C.

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    The Santa Rosa is a standard pollinizer,
    the term pollinator is accetible here, for
    a variety of Plums including the Shiro.
    The Shiro and the Yakima can help the
    Santa Rosa produce more Plums but this
    is generally true for any second Plum
    planted near a Santa Rosa. I have a
    Sprite Cherry Plum 15' directly to the
    North of my Santa Rosa here. The
    Shiro will probably require the Santa
    Rosa to serve as a pollinizer for it
    instead of the Shiro acting as a
    pollinizer for the Santa Rosa.

    There is a minor issue in that there
    are more than one form of Santa
    Rosa. There is an Early Santa Rosa,
    a Late Santa Rosa and there is a
    Queen Rosa that has been sold as
    a Santa Rosa in the past. There are
    some subtle differences in how
    well these other early and late
    forms of Santa Rosa will pollinize
    other Plums in comparison to the
    old form Santa Rosa Plum.

    I would think you can grow a Cherry
    in Surrey B.C.. I cannot guarantee
    how well the Cherry will do there.
    That is not the main issue, it is your
    wanting a double grafted or double
    budded Cherry on the same tree
    which may be hard to find in a
    nursery. I don't know your area
    and do not know who to go to but
    here I can have or order a "cocktail"
    (3n1) Cherry budded right at the
    grower nursery for me if I wanted one.
    I think you will either have to request
    a double Cherry from a retail nursery
    or you will have to have a grower nursery
    do the budding for you if they will do it
    for only one tree. Best bet is to contact
    a full service retail nursery near you and
    have them ask around for any availability
    of 2n1 Cherries for you for your area.

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    I have read that the Santa Rosa is a self pollinator.
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    Home Depot usually has multi-graft (4 in 1) cherry trees here in Ottawa. Probably they may have it in your city as well if there is a Home Depot near you. I had bought one last year grafted with Bing, Lapin, Rainier and Montmorency. I saw some multi-graft cherry trees this year as well at Home Depot.
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    Also if you are really after a multi-graft cherry tree then you can find one at Dinter Nursery. They are at Duncan near Victoria City (B.C).
    They have Cherry a "Combination Cherry - 4 way" listed in their catalog. They had it available in April. ( They don't ship though. I bought a "Combination Plum- 4 way" this year from them and a friend has to ship it to me to Ottawa. Actually I badly wanted a Rainier cherry. So, in order to spread the shipping cost, I added the 4-Way Combo Plum and an "Early Redhaven" peach, all bare-root. Well, the 4-Way Combo Plum and the "Early Redhaven" peach are healthy plants now but the Rainier cherry tree died. I guess my obsession with Rainier cherry might have died with it (or not!). For some reason, garden centres here don't carry Rainier cherry even by mistake. Can't figure out why. Also, I can't figure out why I like Rainier so much except it is nice coloured fruit, yellow with red blush (& good tasting too if the tree ever gets some fruit).

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