propagation of soft wood cuttings

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    I took cuttings this summer from a neighbour's bush, I have since formally identified as probably viburnum opulus, snow ball bush. It blooms in spring, and this particular parent plant reblooms in late summer, almost September. It is now turning shades of dark burgundy. Anyway, two of my cuttings have rooted in water, and now have almost enough roots to be potted on. The question is how to urge them on thru the winter. They are currently on a north window ledge in the kitchen. I also have a cool bright mud room that has proven a good space for my over wintered begonias geraniums, and ice plants. Or I can attempt to find some place outside in the garden that is safe from the mice, cats and rabbits, all of whom are good at digging up any little plant I put out too soon, or at least before they are of sufficient size. Basically, will my little plantlets need to experience winter this year to be healthy next?
    Thank you for your time and advice.

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