Non-Invasive ornamental grasses

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    Hi there

    I am a beginner gardener in Calgary. I inherited some ornamental grasses from my mothers garden, and both of them spread with underground rhizomes.

    One is a tall green grass with yellowish plumes that form in the fall, an the other is a green/white/red striped grass that hasn't flowered for me yet.

    I dislike both grasses aggressive spreading by underground, as I'm forever pulling up new shoots where I don't want this grass to grow!

    I would like to know what ornamental grasses maintain their clumped habit, and do NOT spread by underground runners!

    (side note, I also have an anemone (?) which is trying to take over as well via underground rhizomes, and the new stems are weak so that I can't pull them out properly! It's a very pretty plant but it's become a huge pain and I don't know how I'm going to get rid of it and/or control it!)

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