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    I just purchased two Adeniums from QVC. *cringes* - hopefully that's alright. Anyway, I really have always had kind of a black thumb, but really want to do right by these little guys. They are to arrive 3 years old. I am curious about a good soil mix for them and what size of pot I should start out in. I realize it should be fairly shallow but wide - wondering what diameter I should go for. I've read that organic fertilizers produce better results with these guys, and not to use chemical fertilizers. Any help is appreciated thanks.

    I'll add that I have read to bring them in when it falls below 50 degrees but do plan to keep them outdoors in the warmer months and not to move them around much other than that. I'm wondering though about the fertilizer situation. How often to apply and what kind of natural fertilizer I can "apply". Is there even a natural fertilizer you can "apply" to a plant such as this?
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