Does a Mt. Fuji Fit Well Here?

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by ghuntarmstrong, May 29, 2010.

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    I have an apparently ideal location for a Mt. Fuji, Shirotae, Flowering Cherry tree . The site is in Zone 6 with a moderate amount of rainfall typical of NW Ohio, loam and clay mixed soil, and a moderately sloping location that assures good drainage. It gets direct sun from 9AM to 9PM during the growing season.

    However, I understand that Mt. Fuji can reach more than 30 ft. in width (leaf tip to leaf tip); any larger and it could exceed the space available for it between the street and the house. Apparently, one specimen in Oregon reached 50 ft. wide. Can its growth be restricted to 30 ft. without destroying its shape?

    Also, the site has a sewer line running through it at about 4 ft. depth. Should that be a concern; does the Mt. Fuji have a shallow or a deep root structure and would it invade the line?

    Does it need to be pruned to be able to mow grass under it?

    How rapidly does it grow? And, how soon does a fall transplanted Mt. Fuji flower?
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    Check on local pest and disease situation with regard to Japanese flowering cherries. As far as roots concerned, if you get on grafted onto sweet cherry heavy superficial rooting can be a problem.

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