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    I apologize for posting this without knowing what 'zone' I live in. I've been trying to research it all day.

    I have a large plot of land, big enough for one beautiful fruit tree. I wanted an avacado tree, but there is no way that baby would grow here [this I did research]. I live in Chicago, and of course the winters are brutal. So I thought, if Michigan can get the cold, ice and snow and grow cherry trees, why can't I? I am looking for a fruit bearing tree for baking, and general eating! I know that I can grow a pear tree, or an apple tree, but cherry was the one tree I thought of that I would really enjoy for the fall.

    It's a little late in the season to plant I realize this, but any help as far as type of cherry tree would be MOST appreciated. Especially from people that live here and own one themselves.

    Happy seasons!

    Thank You

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