Identification: Chantrelles?

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    We found these today and are wondering if anyone can identify them as chantrelles. We live in the southeast United States. We found them in the foothills growing alongside a trail on the ground, mostly growing by themselves. A few were in groups of two or three.


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    Hi Swankgirl,

    The ones where I can see the gill-like surface are Chanterelles, not my local species I think, but you can tell mainly by the false gills or folds - a spore-producing surface that you can peel off the rest of the mushroom.

    The one with its cap facing the camera probably is a Chanterelle, but can't tell for sure from that angle.

    Ref: Cantharellus cibarius

    There are other false gill/fold bearing mushrooms, some you would probably not want to eat, but they have other features that distinguish them.

    Ref: Gomphus floccosus

    Please also note that if you are new to distinguishing true gills from folds, Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca looks similar to a chanterelle, but has true gills and grow on wood. True Chanterelles grow from the ground.

    ... p.s. Thank you Michael Kuo for such an excellent website!
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