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    Hello UBC Community & Maple Lovers!

    A good friend and I are in the process of setting up our JM seed germination, seedling growth, and grafting hobby center at my house. We have a dozen 1-2 year old Acer Palmatum green rootstock plants that will be ready to graft soon (now I'm learning that February is the best month for us to graft in Central CA...oops). We have 5-8 dozen sprouted seedlings, and a growing collection of parent trees from which to harvest scion wood.

    Here's a question that I still haven't found a good answer for...

    What soil mixes should we be using for each growth stage? IE: New sprouted seedlings, 1st year of growth, 2nd year of growth. We are aiming for the best safe growth rate. I built a couple seed germination wood frame boxes, and we are using two store-bought seed-starting trays. We have <1 year established seedlings in 4" pots, and >1 year established young plants in 1 gallon containers.

    What a great hobby! I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes us =).

    - Nathan

    PS Here is a photo of one of my trees - an Oregon Sunset

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