Alocasia infernalis 'Kapit'

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    I have just ordered one of these. They are said to get no more than about a foot high, and have black leaves. I am planning to keep it as a house plant. I live in the high desert, so the humidity can get very low--as low as single digits, but averages 20-25%. I need input as to the care, as I know they are very delicate, finicky plants. I tried a Polly in the past, and lost it, probably due to rot.

    Let me tell you what I will do with this new plant, and please let me know if anything is incorrect. I'm planning on having it in a west window (4 feet back) in very bright light, but no direct sun. The room it will be in doesn't get below 65 degrees F. I will have it on a pebble tray, and a dome over it to help keep humidity in. Also, I ordered a seedling warmer that I will keep under the pebble tray. After all, I can't put it directly under the pot while using a pebble tray). I will use approximately 60% peat moss, 40% small orchid bark, and a handful of perlite. I will have a 4" pot ready. Anything else I need to know? I don't want to lose this one! They also had the Babyray Stingrays, and if I do well with this one, I might consider than one too. Thank you in advance!

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