Acer palmatum 'Akane'

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    Hi fellow gardeners,

    I live in Vancouver, BC. I bought the Akane this spring and as I live in a condo, intended to keep it in a pot. It was really nice during spring but after that, all along, it has been exactly like it is now. See pictures.
    The plant seems healthy and wiling to replace the dead leaves. But the overall aspect of the maple is quite miserable.

    IMG_0014.JPG IMG_0015.JPG
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    amherst, ma usa
    Hi fellow Enthusiasts!
    My new Akane has developed numerous small black /brown
    spots. Came from Illinois a few weeks ago-I live in western Massachusetts. Yesterday and today temperatures suddenly in mid 90's F and humid after weeks of drizzly overcast skies with temperature between 50--70's F. Online site suggests tar spots and not to treat.
    Does anyone have any experience or ideas about this? I usually use Actinovate as fungicide for fungal issues in my garden, but have luckliy had few fungal issues with my maples.
    Thanks in advance:-) Debviolet
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