12 Augut 2017 Juice Kale Celery Basil Dill

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    http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/12%20Augut%202017%20Juice%20Kale%20Celery%20Basil%20Dill/HTML/ 12 Augut 2017 Juice Kale Celery Basil Dill
    Twenty three liters of juice was made using 7 pounds of kale, 7 pounds of celery, 3 pound of basil and 1pound of dill. The vegetables were covered with water and cooked, then blended into a slurry in two pots. The slurry was then strained through a 2 mm food mill mesh. The resulting residue was put through a Champion Juicer to extract the maximum nutrients. About 23 liters was obtained which was pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long term storage at room temperature. Pictures depict the process.

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