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    Web sites with information related to Ericaceae

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    Rhododendron Societies

    American Rhododendron Society - British Columbia
    Website for ARS District One (British Columbia). It lists local chapters, meetings, plant sales, garden tours, Rhododendron of the Year Awards.

    Link location District 1 - American Rhododendron Society
    Submitted by Bill
    Submitted date 1 Sep 2004; last confirmed 12 Nov 2015

    American Rhododendron Society - Members worldwide
    Has a searchable plant database, garden locations, activities, chapter contacts.

    Link location Visit Rhododendron Gardens and Parks Around the World
    Submitted by fourd
    Submitted date 2 Feb 2005; last confirmed 12 Nov 2015

    Fraser South Rhododendron Society
    This group meets monthly in Langley, BC. The website has a newsletter and a photo gallery.

    Link location Fraser South Rhododendron Society | Fraser South Rhododendron Society
    Submitted by bruce, link updated by wcutler
    Submitted date 2 May 2004; last confirmed 12 Nov 2015

    Vancouver Rhododendron Society
    Local chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, holds monthly meetings. The website has videos of some Garden Bouquet presentations by Douglas Justice, has a record of previous meetings, and a photo gallery.

    Link location Vancouver Rhododendron Society
    Submitted by Daniel Mosquin, link updated by wcutler
    Submitted date 29 Apr 2004; last confirmed 12 Nov 2015

    Links to Rhododendron sites

    Greer Gardens
    The garden in Eugene, Oregon closed in 2015, but they have left behind extensive photo galleries, one for species rhododendrons and one for hybrids; the implication is that these were the last available plants. Clicking on Hybrids or Species under Rhododendrons on the home page takes you to pages arranged alphabetically where you can scroll through about 100 names and photos at a time. On the hybrids and species pages, there is a link to the Rhododendron Picture Gallery, where the galleries are also split by hybrid or species, arranged alphabetically, showing about 100 or so small photos on a page, so you can get an overview of very many at one time, which you can click on one-by-one.

    Link location Rare and Unusual Plants for Mail Order: Acers, Azaleas, Rhododendrons
    Submitted by wcutler
    Submitted date 05 May 2016; last confirmed 05 May 2016

    The purpose of this website is to give an overview (photos and information) of as many rhododendron species and cultivars (hybrids) as possible. A virtual botanical garden. A virtual arboretum. An online database with information and pictures.

    Link location Hirsutum.info a virtual arboretum: all about rhododendrons, azaleas, azaleodendrons and vireyas
    Submitted by Herman56 and janetdoyle
    Submitted date 30 Jun 2009; last confirmed 12 Nov 2015

    Rhodo Garden
    Personal website of Kristian Theqvist, president of the Finnish Rhododendron Society. Has photos of his hybrids and rhododendrons in his garden.

    Link location Rhododendron and Azalea Garden in Archipelago Forest by Kristian Theqvist
    Submitted by Harri Harmaja
    Submitted date 7 Jan 2010; last confirmed 12 Nov 2015

    Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden Walks
    List with a map of 50 rhododendrons planted in the Ted and Mary Grieg Rhododendron Garden in Stanley Park (in Vancouver, BC). There are also files of walking tours by the month, highlighting rhododendrons and other plants and trees of particular interest, including descriptions and photographs for ease of identification.

    There is some history of the garden at this Vancouver Rhododendron Society page: History | Vancouver Rhododendron Society

    Link location Vancouver Park Board - Stanley Park Rhododendrons

    Submitted by wcutler
    Submitted date 25 May 2009; last confirmed 18 Nov 2015