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    Invasive Alien Species in Canada
    Site from Environment Canada

    Link location Invasive Alien Species in Canada - Nature - Environment Canada
    Submitted by Daniel Mosquin
    Submitted date 21 Feb 2008; last confirmed 4 Nov 2015

    Nonnative Invasive Plants of Pacific Coast Forests
    Press Release for this colorful field guide for identification.

    Link location
    Submitted by Daniel Mosquin
    Submitted date 18 Jul 2012; last confirmed 14 Nov 2015

    Prioritized list of Invasive Alien Plants of Natural Habitats in Canada
    List of names of 81 invasive plants and another list of Additional Species of Concern. This is an article by Catling and Mitrow in the Canadian Botanical Association Bulletin 38(4) from December 2005. Being just a list, it's easy to see them all at once and get the overview of what all is included.

    Link location
    Submitted by Madeline Iseminger in Euphorbia esula Botany Photo of the Day
    Submitted date 2 Aug 2017; confirmed 2 Aug 2017