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How to include photos and files in your posts

  1. wcutler
    Here is a basic video on how to add a photo to a posting on the UBCBG Forums. Note that the photos need to be your own, or ones specifically licensed for sharing.
    There are other ways to get the job done, and we don't stop you from doing this any way you can manage, but if you are having trouble, the video shows you how the software provider recommends you do it, and it works well this way. You can upload the files before, while or after you have typed what you want to say.

    This video shows how to add more than one photo, and how to attach the photos into the text area, which the software provider recommends.
    The video describes how to include the photos in the text area.
    1. Click the Upload a File button under the text area
    2. Navigate to your photo location; you can select at one time all the files in that folder that you want to upload (ctrl+click, or shift+click if they are all together), or you can do them one-by-one.
    3. If you want all the photos together, position your cursor on a new line at the end of your posting and click the Thumbnail button that says Insert every Thumbnail.
    4. If you want the photos in different places, position your cursor where you want the first one, and click the Thumbnail button for the photo you want there. You can then put another photo next to one you've just inserted, or reposition your cursor wherever you want each of the next ones. If you do them separately, make sure you've inserted them all.
    It's not of major importance that you attach the photos after uploading them, but the thumbnails are larger and easier for people to see, and the software provider suggests doing it that way.

    Some constraints:
    Note that you can upload up to 10 photos in a single posting. You can generally use the photo as saved to your camera or mobile device, but if you get a message saying that your photo size limit has been exceeded, you will have to reduce the pixels. The system resizes to around 1200 x 1500, so using an export function or file size reduction function on your computer, select a size similar to that. Of course, photos will upload a lot faster if they are 500kb instead of 5mb, but make sure that you are reducing only the photo quality - try to keep the dimensions of the photos full-screen size. The system does a good job of this when it does it for you.

    This video was posted by a company that uses the same software that we use. It's pretty close to how our system works, but there are some differences:

    The video shows a second button next to the Thumbnail button, for Full Size. They discourage using that button, and we have removed it.

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  1. WWTraveler
    Video clear & thorough; additional accompanying text useful also
    1. wcutler
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review. I have revised the documentation since your review, adding two videos from our own system. I hope you find it as clear and thorough.